Sample chapter of my first book available

You have surely noticed that I have been very quiet in the past year. It is because I was writing my first book. This has taken most of my writing energy. The topic is very close to what I am talking about here: human dynamics inside the context of a software project. I present a whole framework for project optimisation. The product is named: Project Cycle Optimisation (PCO).

The first sample chapter is going to get out of the printer today or tomorrow. This chapter is about requirements. The title is Extraordinary Requirements Quality. It is printed for my next talk at the Develop conference. I have worked a lot on the Games Industry in the past year. I have studied projects from the inside thanks to a major games publisher. I also have played games like never before in my life. Man, I could tell you some stuff about the experience of becoming a gamer when you are not 15 years old! Maybe in a next article…

At the Develop conference, in Brighton, on the 15th July 2010, I’ll be talking about actions that can be taken by Studios (and in most cases Publishers) to win more projects. One of these moves is definitely to work on the requirements. This is why I have selected this chapter to be published on that occasion.

If you are interested in getting this sample chapter (64 pages), please get in touch with me. We only print 100 of it, so hurry up in case you wish to get one. The easiest is to leave a message here and I get an email immediately saying you did so. I’ll get in touch with you.

Oh by the way, the full set [...]

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