“Please sign here!” Every time I hear that sentence I am worried about what I am doing. And every time I am in the same situation: I have to sign to move forward but I am leaving part of my freedom away. This is true when you get a mortgage or a credit, when you sign a mobile phone contract, an energy supplier contract or actually, every time you sign a contract with somebody more powerful than you are. Even when I sign a letter I wrote myself I might be worried about what the receiver could do with it, provided the receiver is a powerful administration.

Why on earth am I worried about what I am signing off? After all, in almost all cases I even looked forward to get to that point. I did want to buy that expensive stuff that I will pay over 55 years. I did want to get that mobile connection so that I can be disturbed any time or indeed disturb anyone I want any time I want. I did want that life insurance that will protect me and my family. So what’s wrong? The answer is trust. I actually do not trust a single second that the other party will play a fair game. First of all the contracts I am signing are made of 4 to 10 pages of famous small prints. I am asked to sign when I have not read any of these lines. Should I want to do it, the person in front of me would find that outrageous. Should I decide to indeed read it, I would not even understand what I am signing anyway. And believe me, I am not someone [...]