For those who are curious about my background in order to understand better my approach to IT and life, I summarise here my diplomas and certifications.


Baccalaureat (French A Level) : Sciences and Literature

This is a long time ago (1983) but at that time I already went against all advices and decided to not go for the “royal path” of Sciences only. I used to say at the time that the difference between 2 excellent mathematicians will be their ability to understand Literature, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Languages and so on. So, to make it clear, in order to get that diploma I had to be as performing in French and in Mathematics.

BS in Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences

This choice would make my life difficult for studies but was well aligned with my previous choices. It was a very strong programme in Mathematics and a very Strong programme in Economics; Still in line with my intention to get the “Bigger Picture”. The problem it will cause: no Physics! That was a sin at the time for those who wanted to do Computer Science.

“Licence” in Mathematics (that is 3 years after A level)

Well, I wanted to do IT but at that time you could not do it without Physics. So I had to go and do more Mathematics for a year.

M.S in Computer Science

Here I decided to specialise in computer science at last. The reasoning behind is that the bigger picture is even stronger when you are the best in one domain. You need some serious depth in something to understand the complexity (or simplicity) of knowledge.
To be honest, when I did that choice I hesitated with a career in Photography. I eventually decided that photography would remain a pleasure. ;-)

PhD in Computer Science

Same comment as above. I wanted the highest diploma available in my domain. There is nothing available in France above PhD for Computer Science. I went for it then.


I’ve never run after certifications and there are some I could definitely go for if only I took the time. But circumstances made me pass these ones:

  • Sun Certified – Java Developer
  • Sun Certified – Java Trainer
  • Scrum Master


  • I am a member of The Magic Circle in London; I am also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians – British Ring and International Ring; Magic has become a serious hobby for me and my son in the recent years. We run a show together several times a year.
  • Languages:
    • French (native)
    • English (fluent)
    • Hungarian (conversation level)
    • German (academic learning)