My name is Sylvain Liège. I was born in the mid 60’s. I have a PhD in Computer Science. This title mainly demonstrates my curiosity about the world I am living in. I am very much interested in understanding how we, humans, make this world work. One of the great challenges I see in life is being able to profit from other people’s experience. That’s the only way to move faster and further. I am not against personal experience or making mistakes. I am against the idea of making them all.

I read a lot! The more I read, the more the pieces of the jigsaw are making sense. I never stop trying to link the different types of knowledge I acquire, to paint the bigger picture. There are so many great talents working in isolation, so many outstanding works, frameworks and discoveries that need to be linked so that we can get the whole power of it! I am always amazed at how much knowledge, experience and wise advices, have been written down in books without being applied and leveraged. Why is that? Shall we re-experience everything from scratch? I don’t think so!

I am a co-founder of Liemur, a consultancy company formed in 2002. We’ve put together a thought model that we named Project Cycle Optimisation™. This model is looking at Software development with a wider view. We aim at bringing into our customers the efficiency of a multi-disciplinary examination. We have no dogma but efficiency and pragmatism. We do what it takes to make projects work! And guess what? Our customers love it!

Once covered all the technical knowledge any proper computer scientist must have, I have a thing for communication, team work, cross-cultural communication, Systems Thinking, languages, history, and philosophy. This is how I landed on the ground of territories named Process, Agile, Object Orientation, Project Management, Team Building, Human Dynamics, and so on.

I am originally a Frenchman, although I believe that travelling the world and living for years in London have made me somebody different than just a member of one nation. I have learned Hungarian for the sake of learning the most difficult language in Europe. I am also a proud member of The Magic Circle in London and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I do many things in life as I am before all a person curious about things. My quest: explore life, understand myself and the others, and become a wiser man!

This blog is about this quest! I am not really expecting to be able to update it more than twice a month, but I’ll do my best.